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Alpha General Services Inc is a septic tank company that is determined to produce quality products which improve the environment at the same time. Alpha septic tanks have been recognised as having an underground installation product with a superior design. The tanks follow the design pattern used in fiberglass tanks and are stress engineered. In addition, the Alpha septic tanks are recognised by regulatory agencies as one of the best fiberglass tanks in the country.Today Alpha General has approximately 25 employees and annual revenue of $6,500,000.

About Alpha General Services, Inc.

Alpha General Services has been producing septic tanks since the 1970's. At that time, company President Paul Poore, was instrumental in a campaign to recognize the need for representation of onsite septic system contractors at the state level. As a result of surveys, letter-writing efforts, and statewide meetings, the association now known as Florida Onsite Wastewater Association was formed in 1973.

Today Alpha General has approximately 25 employees and annual revenue of $6,500,000. Today Alpha General has approximately 25 employees and annual revenue of $6,500,000.

Alpha General Services, Inc. Septic Tanks

Alpha General produces septic tanks that are environmentally friendly and there are several fiberglass products as well as electrical control panels. The tanks have a number of accessories including risers, lids and inlet and outlet gaskets. One main advantage of the Alpha tanks is that they are customizable and can therefore accommodate changes to any application.


Alpha General septic tanks are available in various sizes ranging from 250 to 2200 gallons. Despite the capacity, the tanks are lightweight, cost effective, very easy to handle, and conform to ASTM 638-98 and 790-98 standards. In addition, the tanks have integrally constructed ribs as one of their features.

Contact Alpha General Services, Inc

Alpha General Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 3331
Sebring, FL 33871-3331

Phone: 863-382-1544

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