Den Hartog Septic Tanks

Den Hartog produces septic tanks under the Ace Roto-Mold Rotational Molding division. The company states that the tanks are easier to install, stronger and more cost effective than standard concrete septic tanks. Den Hartog produces installation instructions on the website to show just how easy the procedure can be.

About Den Hartog Industries

With the mission statement "Always at your service," Den Hartog was founded in February 1976 by Ann and John Den Hartog. The company remains a family operation and is owned by the second generation of the Den Hartog's in Hospers, Iowa. There are more than 300 employees and its facilities consist of more than 290,000 square feet which house everything from the fleet maintenance department to the corporate offices.

Den Hartog Septic Tanks

The Ace Roto-Mold septic tanks are made from high-density polyethylene which includes U.V. inhibitors. The tanks use a horizontal flow design for underground installations up to 36 inches. The unique trapezoidal deep-rib design makes them a popular industry choice. In addition the tank has a one of a kind custom-molded gasket in the lid.

One of the main advantages of Den Hartog tanks is the baffle system which slows the wastewater flow and directs it to the center of the tank. This keeps the water separate from the solids. The baffle design also adds versatility, strength and ease of installation.


Den Hartog produces one-compartment and double-compartment tanks. The latter is available in 1000, 1250 and 1500 gallon capacities. These tanks have been NSF tested to ensure they meet the CAN/CSA-B-66 and IAPMO Z1000 standards. In addition each tank is fully documented from the date of manufacture and carries its own serial code.

Contacting Den Hartog Industries, Inc

Den Hartog Industries
4010 Hospers Drive South
PO Box 425
Hospers, IA 51238-0425

Phone: (712) 752-8432
Toll-free: (800) 342-3408

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