Little Giant Pump Company Septic Tanks

Little Giant Pump Company offers affordable sewer treatment solutions for all types of terrain. The septic systems provide predictable performance that takes care of common problems caused by inflow and infiltration. Although the systems are low-pressured, they have the ability to pump both uphill and downhill to a designated treatment area.

About Little Giant Pump Company

Little Giant is the trademark of Franklin Electric. Franklin was founded as an electric motor business in 1944 with start-up seed of less than $20,000. Fast forward to 2006: Franklin acquires Little Giant Pump Co, a leader in grey water pump products. Today Franklin promises innovation, value, quality, service, and availability to both direct and indirect customers.

Little Giant Pump Septic Tanks

Little Giant claims its septic tanks are low maintenance and when installed, there is no disruption to existing landscaping and no extra household plumbing is required. In addition there are minimal electric costs and the company maintains its systems are cleaner and safer than alternative wastewater treatment options.


The Little Giant septic tank produces a Roto-Molded one-piece septic tank which has a large HPDE capacity. The RTM fiberglass cover provides a dual seal against infiltration and inflow. There is a drop inlet that allows for easy pipe adjustment that allows the solids to flow directly into the grinding plane.

The patented grinder pump is a heavy-duty centrifugal grinder that does not overload and operates from between zero and 188 feet of head pressure.

Contacting Little Giant Pump Company

Little Giant Pump Company
P.O. Box 12010
Oklahoma City, OK 73157-2010

Phone: 866-271-2859