Salina Septic Tanks

Salina Concrete Products, Inc. offers two models of concrete septic tanks: 1,500- and 1,000-gallon. The company primarily operates in and around Salina, Kansas and will deliver and install a precast tank.

About Salina Concrete Products

Salina Concrete Products has been operating out of Salina, Kansas since the early part of the 20th century. It was founded in 1913 by H.H. Allison, who built concrete silos. Over the course of its operations, it expanded its repertoire and is now responsible for many features of local buildings in Salina.

The company was bought in 1936 by the Wyatt Manufacturing Company. It is now fully owned by the Monarch Cement Company, which builds cement products throughout the midwest.

Salina Concrete Products employs about 30 people. You can order from them online or go to their showroom in Salina.

Salina Concrete Septic Tanks

Salina Concrete Products makes precast septic tanks which can be delivered quickly by truck. They are steel-reinforced and use polyethelene baffles. Holes excavated in preparation for one of these tanks should be one foot wider and longer than the specified dimensions.


The 1,000-gallon tank is 67" x 96" x 59.5". It has one chamber, with an outlet 3" lower than the inlet. It weighs 7,360 pounds. The 1,500-gallon tank is 67" x 147" x 62". It is divided into a larger and smaller chamber, containing 1011 and 503 gallons, respectively. It weighs 13,000 pounds. Both tanks have two hatches on top. They also both have room for about 9" of air space above the maximum level of the tank.

Contact Salina Concrete Products

1100 West Ash St.
Salina, KS 67401

Phone: 785-827-7281
Toll-Free Phone: 888-297-9214