Hausner's Septic Tanks

Hausner's Precast Concrete Inc. manufactures and installs precast concrete products. The company has one line of septic tanks that is available as a single unit or in wholesale quantities. Hausner's is also an authorized Infiltrator Systems dealer and manufacturers Clearstream Aerobic Systems, a product line for wastewater management.

Company History

Established in 1954, Hausner's Precast Concrete, Inc. is located in Drumright, Oklahoma. Hausner's manufactures a variety of precast concrete products, including storm shelters, specialty tanks, saferooms and septic tanks. The company employs approximately 33 people and has an annual revenue of $10 million. Hausner's Precast Concrete, Inc. also operates as Hausner's Precast Concrete Products, Inc, Hausner's Limited and Hausner's Inc. Special Features Hausner's precast concrete tanks are made of 6,000 psi concrete with fibermesh. They vary in size from 300 to 1,500 gallon capacities. Hausner also offers pipe fittings and other accessories sold separately.


Hausner's provides a 10 year warranty covering all leakage in the structure from the installation date. The warranty does not cover moisture caused by condensation or water that may enter through the door or ventilator. Small cracks that do not cause leakage are also not covered by the warranty.

Contact Info

Hausner's Precast Concrete Inc
PO Box 32
Drumright, OK 74030

Phone: (918) 352-3479
Toll Free: (800) 533-9509