Chem-Tainer Septic Tanks

Chem-Tainer Industries, Inc manufactures a large variety of plastic septic tanks, open-top tanks, water tanks, spill containment units, and other items. The company carries two lines of septic tanks that range from 300 to 1,500 gallon capacities. Both lines of tanks are approved by state and local departments within the United States.

Company History

Chem-Tainer has manufactured a range of plastic products since 1958. The company produces environmentally friendly solutions to storage problems by using non-polluting and non-toxic raw materials. The company is based in West Babylon, NY and has ten other facilities located throughout the US. The company reportedly employs 268 people and revenue estimates range from $10 million to $50 million.

Special Features

Chem-Tainer produces two below-ground septic tanks. Both tanks are made of polyethylene and are manufactured with one or two compartments. Polyethylene is chemical resistant and will not rust or corrode when exposed to soil or sewage. This increases the longevity of the tank, and also means it will not require additional coatings. In addition, Chem-Tainer septic tanks come with the following features:

  • Easy installation
  • Shipped ready for installation
  • One-piece tanks
  • Rib design and placement for strength
  • Outfitted lid for extra strength
  • A variety of accessories

Warranty Information

Chem-Tainer's septic tanks come with a three year warranty.

Contact Information

Chem-Tainer Industries, Inc.
361 Neptune Ave
West Babylon, New York 11704
Phone: 631-661-8300

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