Ecological Tanks Inc. Septic Tanks

Ecological Tanks produces concrete and fiberglass tanks in various configurations. Tanks can be used independently or if catering for larger flows, in conjunction with others. Ecological tanks are certified by NSF and meet Standard 40 criteria. The company's products have met or exceeded Class 1 requirements.

About Ecological Tanks Inc.

Ecological Tanks Inc. is a private water treatment equipment company that was established in Downsville Louisiana in 1994. With approximately 100 employees the company has generated between $10 and $20 million dollars in revenue each year.

Ecological Tanks Inc. Septic Tanks

Ecological tanks are cost effective and very efficient to run, and require very little attention. The branded Aqua Safe series is an advanced wastewater treatment system targeted at multiple homes, light commercial applications and residential homes. The self-contained treatment system has an aeration-activated sludge process. This extended process ensures the discharged sewage is odorless and disposed of safely in 24 hours.

Ecological Tanks Specifications

The Aqua Safe series include the AS1200, AS1000, AS800, AS750, AS600 and AS500 models. These are made up of a center clarifier and an outer mixing compartment.

The latest addition, the AS500 +5 and +73 trio eliminates the need to use bands and foam to hold tanks together. This system has a pre tank with a 500-gallon capacity, a 500 GPD treatment plant, and lastly, a pump tank with a 500 or 750-gallon capacity and anti-flotation ring. In addition the systems are equipped with 20" TufTite risers, air compressors, water pumps and built in chlorination devices.

Contacting Ecological Tanks Inc.

Ecological Tanks, Inc.
2247 Hwy 151 North
Downsville, LA 71234

Phone: (318) 644-0397