Crest Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

Crest Precast Concrete, Inc. manufactures precast septic tanks for residential and commercial use. Their products vary widely in size and sophistication.

About Crest Precast Concrete

Crest Precast Concrete, is based in La Crescent, Minnesota; the company also has a location in Barneveld, Wisconsin. It does most of its business in the upper Midwest of the United States.

Crest sells small septic tanks appropriate for homes, but it has also executed contracts for the government and the military. It receives annual certification from the National Precast Concrete Association and from the Departments of Transportation in its two home states.

The company employs about 40 people and has an annual revenue of five million dollars.

Crest Precast Features

Crest manufactures a large variety of precast concrete septic tanks. These range in size from around 1000 to 10,000 gallons. They are capable of handling between 500 to 9000 gallons of waste per day.

These tanks come in a few different types. Some are very simple, with one chamber. Others have several chambers in a series. One product, which the company recommends for home use, combines a septic tank and a pump tank.

Tanks intended for water treatment are equipped with a filter, usually a MicroFAST unit produced by Bio-Microbics incorporated.

Contact Information

Crest Precast Concrete, Inc.
609 Kistler Dr.
La Crescent, MN 55947
Phone: 507-895-2342
Toll-Free: 800-658-9045