Reliable Concrete Septic Tanks

Reliable Concrete currently produces six different sizes of septic tanks. They include 500, 1,000, 1200, 1500, and 2,000 gallons tanks. The 1,000 gallon model is available as a deep or shallow tank. The company is based in Kansas City, Kansas and will deliver precast structures to customers in the Kansas City metropolitan areas of both Kansas and Missouri.

Company History

Reliable Concrete Products and Ornamental Iron, Inc. was founded in January, 1971 by M.H. Porter and is NPCA Certified.

It services individual clients as well as businesses, and specializes in a variety of products, including grease interceptors, standard parking curbs, storm shelters, manholes, and backflow vaults.

Reliable Concrete employs about 20 people and posts annual revenues at $3 million.

Reliable Concrete Septic Tanks Specifications

The 500 gallon septic tank is 67" x 123" x 46" and features a 2" difference between the outlet and inlet. The 1,000 gallon tank measures 66" x 127" x 56" with an optional partition, while the shallow version of the 1,000 gallon tank does not have a partition. Its dimensions are 65" x 124" x 48". Similar to the 500 gallon model, the 1,000 gallon models have a 2"difference between the outlet and inlet.

The 122 gallon, 1500 gallon, and 2,000 gallon septic tanks are built with a 4" wall and a 4" base, and they all have an optional partition. At 78" x 131" x 60", the 1200 gallon tank has a 1.5" difference between the outlet and inlet. The 1500 gallon tank measures 79" x 132" x 69" and has a 2" difference between the outlet and inlet. For the 2000 gallon tank, two chambers are divided. It measures 6"x 10' 6" x 70" (with slab).

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