Roth Septic Tanks

Roth Global Plastics septic tanks are manufactured with blow-molded, high molecular weight plastic. They are designed for a conventional septic setting as well as the aerobic or more advanced onsite wastewater treatment systems. Roth currently manufactures and sells the Multi-Tank, which can also be used as a cistern, pump, or holding tank.

Roth Global Plastics Company History

Roth is well known for building underground plastic water and septic tanks. The company has manufactured blow-molded products since the 1970's. In addition, they provide potable water cisterns and tanks, drip irrigation tanks, pump tanks, distribution boxes, septic tank risers, plug covers, riser systems, tank adapters, lockable tank lids, and septic tank outlet filters. In 2007, Roth Plastics, Inc. acquired the license to manufacture and distribute Fralo products.

Roth no longer manufactures the FRALO brand of septic tanks and cisterns.

Roth Plastics, Inc. employs 34 people and posts annual revenues of approximately $2.6 million.

Roth Global Plastics Septic Tanks Specifications

The Fralo branded poly septic tank features a lightweight design and high-strength engineered resin. Except for Models ST-300, ST-500, ST-900, and ST-1000E, the Fralo tanks are CSA and IAPMO Certified. The patented design includes a watertight seamless construction, a safe and unique access riser system, and the COEX-3 multi-layer co-extrusion process.

The Roth Multi-Tank has 4 layers: 1 inner layer of FDA approved HDPE, 2 inside layers of PE, and 1 outer layer of black and UV-stabilized PE. It is environmentally sound, and is equipped with connection gaskets and threaded manhole covers.

Both the Fralo branded poly septic tank and the Roth Multi-Tank have inlet/outlet pipe configurations for easier installation.


Fralo branded septic tanks are guaranteed for 50 years from the date of purchase.

Roth Multi-Tanks comes with 5 years of labor insurance coverage and lifetime corrosion protection.

Contact Information

Roth Global Plastics, Inc.
PO Box 245
Syracuse, NY 13211
Toll Free: 866-943-7256