Sh***t Happens -- and We Have Proof!

Let's face it: septic work can be a dirty business. A certain amount of delicacy is involved to keep from getting covered in... well, liquid excrement.

But sometimes the odds are stacked so high against you that your fate is sealed. In other words, sh***t happens. And here's proof:

Hmmm, brought to mind an elephant with a gastro-intestinal issue. And I can't say I've ever thought about an elephant's intestines before . . . What about you?

At least those people were lucky enough to be enclosed by the car. Not this poor guy:

I don't know what he did to deserve that. Must have been some bad Karma. You know it had to happen on a Monday morning.

Speaking of doing the incomprehensible, what in the world was the driver of this septic truck thinking? Can anyone spell "L A W S U I T"?

But that is NOTHING compared to this next video.

I was waiting for Godzilla to erupt out of the street and start eating cars!

Watch closely and you can see how insanely fast that truck stops when it hits the giant manhole cover.

And that guy towards the end of the video? You know, the idiot who actually gets out of his car? What was he thinking!?!? I mean, first off it's an explosion of sewage. But it's also happening in the middle of a highway! And at night, no less!

Unfortunately, there's no way to predict situations such as these. But here's hoping we can all avoid them. And if we can't, well, wear your rain gear.

Got a favorite septic video? Send it to us, and we'll post the best ones!

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