Septic System Ownership in Vermont

Nearly half the population of Vermont depends on private septic systems to take care of household sewage. There are guidelines regulating the manner in which disposals are to be conducted.

Regulation of Septic Tank Systems

The Wastewater Management Division of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is the body in charge of regulating the installation and maintenance of septic systems. As of July 2007, new regulations have come into place to help control contamination from sewage.

Licensure Requirements for Septic System Contractors

Septic system installers are not licensed by the State of Vermont. However, the Designer License Program (formerly called the Site Technician Certification Program) is run by The Department of Wastewater Management. Participants in the program are required to complete training and pass an exam. A completed application form and payment of fees are required prior to the exam.

Installing a New Septic System

A permit is required for the construction or modification of a waste water system. Permits are issued by the Regional Offices of the Wastewater Management Division. A soil test and percolation test have to be carried out and results submitted along with the application for permission to install.

How to File a Complaint

National Small Flows Clearinghouse is funded by the EPA and is equipped to deal with wastewater problems relating to small communities and individuals. They can also be reached toll free by phone.

National Small Flows Clearinghouse
Toll free 800-624-8301

Contacting the VTDEC

Wastewater Management Division
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Agency of Natural Resources
103 S. Main Street, Sewing Building
Waterbury, Vermont 05671-0405

Phone: 802-241-3822
Fax: 802-241-2596

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